Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year of Smiles

Keep smiling!!!
(some of my favorite 2012 smiles. My photo)

There's always a take away from every year we've lived. True story. And while 2012 wasn't as splendid as I had expected it to be, the fall to be exact, there's pretty much a saving grace to both the good and the bad that have passed.

Imagine going through life without a good sense of humor, of spirit, of sport. Imagine going through every single bad year-to make it worse, diminish it to "every single bad day" not knowing once to smile or laugh at something, even at the most trivial of things. Life wouldn't be much of a joy, wouldn't it? It wouldn't be life, really. 2012, of all the years I've lived, has taught me well the importance of humor and striving for--if you aren't blessed yet with it, good spirit. And this has saved me from going all serious loony. 

Couldn't say I've had the roughest year, but I have in fact, labeled 2012 as one of my downer years, when just everything you've set yourself to achieve, things you've believed in, people you've invested in or have expected something from just all turned out to be ideas or hopes. You're 23 years old, looking at life through an Instagram photo you've taken and that photo just isn't worthy of even a like. It was a pretty mediocre year. Somethings special, lots of days spent angry or tired or sleepless or uninspired or doubtful. This year proved zero points to any of those big, sweeping quotes from famous authors some of us turn to (at times abuse). And to be honest, this year, I've wagged a tongue at those tired quotes....

This year has taught me that why Filipinos are happy isn't because they're all achievers or "big quoters" or rich men and women who get to bathe in a tub of milk every night they wish to. I think we, as a people, have grown up to really face life not like it's a joke, but as something worth a grin, a joke, a laugh, a smile. In the news we see people who are stricken by catastrophes and despite the emotional, at times unnecessary emotional journalism, they smile and tell you that they're happy still cause at least they get to save something. This year, I've believed in the power of humor and good spirit. 

While I'm not achieving as much as I hope to or have been glowing during those 365 days  in unbridled joy, I've topped everything with a huge helping of frosting. Sometimes the sweetest frostings could save a hard-to-swallow, I-can't-believe-I've-wasted-my-money-on-this-kind-of-cupcake cupcake. You know what I mean? Frosting's all humor, good spirit, great people who not always inspire you to be better, but allow you to be your least attractive self and laugh at you not cause you're pathetic, but cause you're worth the smile, the laugh. This frosting has made the dull, lifeless cake, an actual pleasure to eat and savor!

2012 has helped me understand humor better, appreciate the joy in laughter and the simplicity of just being able to have fun and not think too much or be incredibly so hard on myself. And this I credit to the millions of amazing people I've kept, met and have met again this year.

Of course, I am always grateful. Great years or alright years, I have billions of things to be thankful for. Besides, what's the point of living if you're not even thankful for at least one thing in this life? There's still beauty and joy and greatness to all life.

While we're savoring the last few minutes of 2012, whether or not we've had a great year, it's just about right to keep believing that there's always something better out there for us. And whatever 2013 brings, good or bad, remember that when you roll with the punches, believe in yourself and still keep your hopes up, life's still all good and worth that toothy grin.

Stay awesome everyone. I still haven't cleaned and organized my things, haven't lost weight since that massive weight gain and still haven't fixed my life, but whatever right? I'm honestly happy and I'm honestly incredibly excited to get 2013 started (first time in years actually, that I've been this excited).

Happy, happy new year kids! Stay in good spirits and always, always smile!


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