Friday, December 21, 2012

An Open Letter to the World

Too beautiful to end
Dear World,

Just a speck of a letter from the billions (and more) of living things that inhabit you today. Heard you were ending in a few minutes, but I still have a lot of questions. One being, if it ends on December 21, 2012, does that mean that those who get to Friday first will end first? What about the other half of the world that are still sometime on December 20, 2012? Or will you wait for that perfect time, when all of you's got a taste of Friday? And then what about the other planets? What'll happen to your neighbors if you start ending? Sure you wouldn't know cause, well, you've already gone...

But most importantly, I keep forgetting why you're supposed to end...Mayans? That NASA hoax? The bible and its plenty of signs? The star beings and the promise of aliens helping us out to usher in the new age of man? I'm so confused right now. It doesn't help though that I'm seeing the moon on our kitchen window when it's usually on the other end of our house...hmmm...It also doesn't help that recently, what's shown on the news is alarming, scary and incredibly depressing...What is happening to us? Maybe our seniors are right. We're bringing this end upon ourselves, upon you...

Well, whatever is going to happen, truth is, I know you're not ending. And it's not just cause I believe in God or that I'm selfish and have the future to look forward to. It's more of that hopeful bone in me that believes in things called, happiness, something called completion, fulfillment, peace, justice. Those things that seem small and personal in a bigger picture, but is, in fact the bigger picture. 

Had I a say in how time and you would come to an end, I'd make sure that it comes far in the future, when all of us have been granted that moment when we could truly embrace the end, whatever kind of end it'll be and when it's right for each and everyone one of us to admit and say, "Okay. I'm ready for this." When things have fallen into their right places. And I'd like to believe that not everyone has had, even a slice of that acceptance and that much mileage in life to fully embrace life like a lover, all perfect and right round the arms. I know you're a good guy, World and I know that despite your many sicknesses that your inhabitants have caused you, I still feel that you're capable of resilience-always, and that you can still see a farther, better future ahead.

It's now 12:03 am on my laptop. I haven't even prepared to go to bed yet cause I'm digesting and recovering from a great dinner. It's quiet and I'm sleepy. I know you're not ending and I'm looking forward to a complete day tomorrow, not only for our Christmas party, not only to wake up and see the smile on some people's faces after opening their gifts, but cause I know-along with your billions of inhabitants, that there's still many of tomorrows to wake up to. You're too good to end...and maybe, just maybe, not all good things ought to come to an end. At least, not today. 

See you!

Your 1 out of a billion inhabitants,


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