Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekend Hits

I have to admit, I miss writing magazine-style updates on my blogs. It's the thrill of collating things, seeing them together and being able to tell a story that has gotten me interested and excited for years since I learned that I was capable of doing it. And while I rarely make the rounds these days, I've made sure to spare time  to write tonight about the things that I'm obsessing over and of course, give you a few cool things to keep you inspired and in the know during the weekend. WEEKEND HITS, coming your way!

Frank Ocean in the season's coolest sports coats with Odd Future.
Story by Amy Wallace & Photographed by Peggy Sirota
GQ December 2012

>>> OF COURSE I'll be obsessing over Frank Ocean appearing on GQ, why wouldn't I? This is like two of my favorite things coming together, like peanut butter and jelly or a cigarette and an ice cold mojito. The feature on Ocean is pretty packed, Wallace covers much of the artist's plans for his career (third album coming soon, I believe and will definitely wait for), that controversial letter on Tumblr of course and it gives you a glimpse into Ocean himself. You combine that story with Sirota's humorous, light photography and GQ's no-fail styling and you get yourself a good, good deal. Grab your copies, read the story and if your weather permits, plug into lots of Ocean and sport those damn good-looking coats...

The ML574 Mojito: mita sneakers X OSHMAN's X New Balance
High Snobiety

>>> I'VE WORN THE HELL out of my New Balance sneakers and have since been my go to shoe for dressed-down days. New Balance just is a trusty brand. When I saw the Mojito (my favorite drink too), I felt that hard beating in the chest and I know I've found a great purchase. Three brands come together, marking the collaboration with tons of those super cool "X"s for the Mojito: mita sneakers, OSHAMAN's and New Balance. The color way, materials and that leaf lock present a sure hit pair of sneakers that's bound to go massive and viral in no time. Imagine a slim black jacket, buttoned-up white shirt, lean black jeans and these? I just collapsed. It's that cool.

Jarrod Scott for H&M Spring-Summer 2013 lookbook
Marina Yachting Fall 2012

>>> I'VE BEEN HAVING a Jarrod Scott moment lately. He's just refreshing to look at. He's gritty, dark and handsome and I could only imagine the thrill of working with him as a stylist, editor, photographer or a brand. Plus his hair just adds so much to the package. So seeing him slowly rising to the top of the male modeling ranks is a pleasure, really. From H&M's Spring-Summer 2013 Lookbook-which by the way, is one of his most exciting works to date for me, to doing covers for European magazines and also landing campaigns, I'm itching to see him get more jobs in the near future. Exciting times ahead for Jarrod for sure.

>>> ONE OF THE PERKS of working in my office is how you get to see all these cool people just roaming around. I've seen Up Dharma Down's band members walking around our area and I've always failed at greeting them. Next time I see them, I won't hesitate. I'm a fan. And I'm happy Turn It Well's video is good. We've been waiting for years for UDD's new album Capacities and I'm dying to grab a copy. I've read Supreme today where they featured UDD. I must admit, I fell deeper in love with UDD after they shared how this album was more of a tribute to the music that have inspired them instead of promising something entirely new and different. Though I couldn't pin point the references in Turn It Well, to me, I love the slightly new sound of UDD on this one. It sounds less moody, energetic but not hyper. This growth in their sound still sticks to the classic UDD style of no non-sense, awesome music, reason why fans are growing and fans are staying. When I could finally get my hands on that album, I'll do major PR for it until I hate listening to UDD (which'll never EVER happen). Congratulations!

More books from Huffington Post

>>> IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR when lists of the best (and worst) things are made and being a frustrated book lover, I had to take note of the Best Books of 2012 compiled by the book editors at Huffington Post.  Check out their list. I haven't read any of them, unfortunately, but there's still time to head on down a bookstore and scout for at least a few titles that'll keep me up all night, right? I'm eyeing Gone Girl, American Dervish, Object Lessons: The Paris Review Presents the Art of the Short Story and probably, The Lifespan of a Fact. More books and reviews from their 24 choices which include the pretty popular The Fault In Our Stars, a Junot Diaz hit and lots more interesting titles and cover designs too!

- Gerard

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