Thursday, November 15, 2012


Shameless self-promotion right here.
Thank you to Toff for the space, trust and for the wonderful title. "Supernovas"
The very first page I've written with a layout this colorful!

To write for one of the magazines I grew up reading is a pleasure. But to see it on print, awesome layout and all is MAJOR! I finally got around to blogging after a while and I'm happy to share with you my very first article for CHALK. 

CHALK has been one of the titles I've turned to when I was younger. Kept a close eye on what they do and feature, who lands the cover and have seen some of today's brightest stars grow up along with the magazine. Doing an amazing job at keeping the young informed, entertained and in the know, CHALK is the poster kid for every Filipino youth and I'm honored to be part of this month's issue.

Credits go to my editors and friends over at CHALK, Elaine Carag and Toff De Venecia for trusting me with a page and of course, for always considering us (W) for their pages as well. Toff helped me a lot, putting this article on the right track and whipping it into smart, readable shape. I've been pretty used to writing for an older reader and have somehow lost the young touch, but thanks to Toff, I was able to pull it off.

This month, I've tapped into my very first job (out of college) as a talent agent and took from it what I could as I gave my opinion on what makes or breaks a young, soon-to-be superstar. With the help of some of W's very own, Patti Grandidge, Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Andie Manzano. And yes, it made me grin to see that intro: "There's one that emerges in every constellation of aspirants and wannabes-talent agent Gerard Gotladera finds out what it takes to be a true star". For the year and some months I've been in the industry I've picked out some outstanding traits and qualities from the people I work with and will give them credit for showing me what makes them relevant for long in an industry that's obsessed with the new.

Please grab your copies of this month's issue. They've made such an amazing revamp of the magazine, it's insane. Pages are so coolly designed, the people they feature now are more interesting and the topics they cover are still standard but have more humor and depth to them. 

Baby girl Jasmine Curtis-Smith is still a columnist for the title and it makes me smile that our pages are right next to each other! Again, thank you to Toff and Elaine for this, I pray this wouldn't be the last I work with you as a contributor. 

CHALK is the third title I've worked with and I'm hoping this opens up doors for more titles in the future.


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