Saturday, November 3, 2012


When Joanne at the office played this, my bosses were having a meeting and even when the volume was turned down, barely audible, I felt that click, how great songs make you just feel a moment the second you hear it. And you know what got us all hooked on this track aside from an already cool start and verse, is how it gets better. The build-up to the chorus just kills you, until all you'll ever want is to have the biggest party in the world with this on repeat. 

So I've ran to this song, walked far to this song, slept to this song, smoked to this song, you name it. It's that good. By now it's already one of the best tunes I've heard for 2012 and I have to salute Disclosure and Sam Smith for such a beautiful song. I've envisioned a music video to this one, ads even for probably perfumes, watches, hair products even toothpastes. And what I see is a shower, it's probably dark and really sexy with all those beautiful people you'd expect to star in videos. But the official music video is more quiet. I've always seen this song as intimate (cause it is about an intimate moment) but a bit grander than what the music video shows. But anyway, it still rocks. 

I'm not surprised Latch keeps going up the charts. It's heart-racing, puts you in a trance like you'd want to drown in this song forever and awfully too cool not to abuse the repeat button for. Someone on YouTube said the songs makes you want to have a relationship. I agree. Imagine if your first encounter with love sounded like this...Dear Jesus. Who wants to get it on?

If Disclosure goes here, I'll definitely get tickets. 

- Gerard

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