Monday, October 29, 2012


Years and years of fanning...I'll probably never stop. My all-time number one.
Imagine Saskia de Brauw and Garrett Neff on a cover? That's art! Someone make it happen please

I'm supposed to be working now, on something important, but since my brain does not permit that to happen, I'll relax and ogle at these faces that are inspiring the evil, jealous devil in me. One day I tell you, I'll be on the cover of a magazine...when what is handsome/beautiful has nothing to do with these species (which'll never happen). And when that day comes, I'll be happy, at peace, knowing that I too have a face deserving of a magazine cover. I kid. Appreciation folks, for the beautiful and the handsome on some of this month's finest glossies. Enjoy!

Aline Weber is not pretty...She's breath-taking

Meet the world's most handsome man. Sean O'pry. Someone just paint this guy already

Something quite old-timey about her looks and I love it. Anne de Rijk

All so swell: Heidi Mount, Jon "Cheekbones" Kortajarena & Kati Nescher

Ambrosio, aside from the name, reminds me of honey and things warm and sensual and beautiful

Incredibly happy Ryan Taylor's back...This face shouldn't go to waste

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- Gerard


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