Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Mall

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I think some years back was already up and running...Well, I might be wrong. But let me introduce you to a fresh, new online shopping spot from the Philippines. Ladies (and I am praying gentlemen real soon), Summit Digital brings you an interestingly designed and purposed The Mall.

70 brands that hit the budget quotient just well, an awesome selection of designers on their Designer Row, sections for pets, kids, men and even a section for home decorations--which has neat items you'll want in your high-rise units or chic houses, is covering the necessities and wants of a modern-day Filipino shopper. I'm excited cause it seems that the 70 brands already available and accessible at The Mall will be growing soon and I could only imagine which brands will be housed here soon.  Of course The Mall's strength also lies in the easy design of its website. No hard-to-find items or sections, just plain and simple and easy, giving you all that you need to look for in a smooth, browsing and online shopping experience. 

With special features too such as profiles and write-ups on some of the brands they have and magazine-style features that'll help you get the look you want, The Mall is also like a personal stylist and fashion guru for things you'll usually learn from others and, we know, pay handsome money for. Here at The Mall, it's free information, just the way you want it.

And just when you thought you could box The Mall as another online start up, Summit Digital and The Mall give you the chance to be one of the brands under their roster. Not only an online destination for retail therapy, The Mall is also a genius and accessible avenue for up-and-coming brands. So if you have your brand ready for a launch and only missing that perfect venue, The Mall grants you that. Pretty refreshing for online shoppers, an edge and advantage for The Mall and most definitely a welcome opportunity for brands that have great, great potential.

I ought to be writing more about The Mall, seriously, but I'm too intrigued and excited to see what I can find here...Especially soon I have friends celebrating their birthdays, not to mention the many people I'll be giving gifts to for Christmas, I'll be staying here for quite sometime...

Check it out everybody and yes, of course, you have to get shopping. If you're running out of ideas of things to buy, give and maybe receive, if getting out of the house is just too tiring for you and traffic's awful, The Mall is the perfect, perfect solution. 

Now let me get my dog that adorable neck tie collar for, well, more serious days for him. haha


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