Saturday, September 8, 2012

Moving Pictures

Don't blink, cause Mikkel Jensen's here and on his way up!
Mark my words, this one's out to get it big.
VOGUE Hommes Japan Spring 2013 Preview @
Give the world a few more years for publications to achieve what Harry Potter has been suggesting us all along: photos in motion on paper. Imagine that. Imagine GQ's cover coming to life, CD cover art living behind their cases, posters of wanted criminals breathing, like snippets from a film. Not impossible for sure. This makes most sense since we're at the age of marrying realities, magazines embedded with codes to be scanned for additional features, things like that. And I believe the challenge for print to stay relevant is for it to ride along with where the world is headed to, if not give it a start towards the right direction one augmented reality at a time. 

But as we all wait for this to come true, the creative geniuses behind VOGUE Hommes Japan (Nicola Formichetti as the  stylist and photographer for this story that I am dying for) lays it out for us how things ought to be done in the near future. Having released a packed issue to warm up as all up for Spring 2013, I couldn't conceal how I'm sweating it hard for this moving editorial has previewed for us. All the covers and the editorials are superb, but this collaborative effort by VOGUE Hommes Japan and fashgif already hints at what we could expect not just from the Spring 2013 runways, but-- maybe soon, from publications as well. 

I'm placing my money on Mikkel Jensen, the Vladimir Ivanov look-a-like that, just like Jarrod Scott (who is a current favorite of mine), will have it big soon. Casting is excellent, so kudos to Sophie Ruthensteiner for mixing these boys together to give the story better meat (no pun intended) and variety: Jarrod Scott, Mikkel Jensen, Graham Reese and Sung Jin. Clothes too are so inspiring, "alive" even not just cause of obvious reasons but because of that contained, cool optimism they offer all together. The formula of cool models plus stellar collections finally punctuated by quirky moving things and surprises make this editorial one of this year's most memorable, fun and fashion-forward. What better way to enjoy, appreciate, justify and if all humanly possible soon too, wear these clothes the way Formichetti and the magazine have done?

I am just waiting for the day that I could pick up a magazine with moving photos on them and I'm expecting these photos to do just that on the pages...VOGUE Hommes Japan, you have set the bar to an awesome new high.

The pink on that shirt, the tattoos peaking, that smile, the blue on VOGUE, everything makes sense

Sung Jin carries this look well.
First time I see black and orange together and not think halloween

If the smoke he exhaled moved, it would've been better, but still god

VOGUE Hommes Japan opens for you options and possibilities of how to rock pink suit

Jarrod Scott, shut up.His face is awfully well-proportioned, wears that mustache with zero pedo vibes
and have I talked about the HAIR? First encounter with Jarrod was on that awesome hair story
on VOGUE Hommes International with O'pry on the cover...Magic moment for me.

Graham Reese and his signature piercing. This sooo matches him.

Still my favorite collection from Spring 2013, Valentino.
Doesn't that ab movement remind you of American Horror Story?

Calvin Klein...Cause I can't have that face, I'll make fun of this and put:
"Weeee! I'm so good-looking" in a bubble by his smile

Hearts worn far from the sleeve actually make more sense.

This too beautiful.

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- Gerard

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