Sunday, March 25, 2012

While Hot

Perfection! Magdalena Frackowiak
Well I have no idea what kind of weather we're having tomorrow, but it sure is getting real hot now, rain or shine. I used to be the last person who declares enjoying summer time. But now, I surprisingly like the heat. It's the challenge of staying cool that I enjoy. Which clothes to wear and buy, which shoes to wear, what kind of food to eat, I especially love when magazines suggest different kinds of food that are perfect for the melting weather. And of course, I've got all the valid reasons to splurge on cold drinks and ice cream.

But what's most lovable for me during summer are all the tight, tanned, cool, dry and/or well-moisturized looks that glossies give you, from the clothes down to the hair styling. They inspire me and get me all worked up to go out and brave the heat, even if I only look half-decent next to these demigods. So, whatever kind of weather this summer really brings us, I present to you super hot photos for our Great-Looking Weekend that celebrate all of summer's beauty...

Whatever season it is, this face will always be hot

Hermes Orange!

You know who it is. Cowboy needs no name, actually...From a far you could tell. 

Some op art/surreal art for you. Love the youth and freshness to this. James Chuter

How can you not love this? Sexy sexy sexy

Edita's the only person I've seen who looks this chic sweating. So...

GQ Style's Heart of the Ocean...I believe it makes for a good book cover

Kerr for Miranda please... 

Prada, you lookin' great. 

- Gerard

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