Sunday, March 18, 2012

To Inspire

Been dry on the fashion front lately. I used to be so into it, that I had committed to memory so much things about fashion. Now, I feel like I've lost touch. Well maybe not completely, but to put it in better terms, I've placed more time and effort on other things than the pursuit of all things fashion.

I might've mentioned before, under much pretense, how fashion is my first love. Truth is, it's not. It's one among the many things I've conveniently bundled under the label "BEAUTY" or "ART", which I love dearly. But I can never deny that fashion plays such a crucial role in my life and how I view things.

I'm the kind of person who---honestly, believes it's a valid excuse to pass on an event when I'm not dressed accordingly. That's valid in my book. Like that successful Magnum ball last Wednesday. I was so out of it, I went to the launch looking like I tried to meet the event's dress code, instead of actually wearing it. This close I tell you, to calling it a day for that event, but all turned out well and happy and fun, even when I didn't dress the part.

I'm also the kind of person who notices style and how people dress. It's the story angle about it which I love and I find incredibly exciting about fashion and style. How a camel blazer looks different on different guys, or how those "mandatory" glittery, hanging tops look sexy on others and ultra feminine on some.

This all started when I came home last night, at around 3 in the morning I went on YouTube to see if my favorite, favorite model--Garrett Neff, had anything new on video. His latest one was an episode from Brad Goreski's series and it showed Brad styling for that DETAILS issue with Ashton on the cover (September 2011). Here's the case in point and you'll understand how things look incredibly different for different people. Even when both Garrett and Ryan are models (and they do look alike somehow), both of them lend their own touches to styled looks. It's that personal touch I look for, that feel of anything unique and for a lack of a better term, the personal in fashion, which I always find so interesting and inspiring.

And while I've decided to get back on updating myself in terms of style and fashion, I'm glad the internet is home to so much inspiration, you'll never have a reason again to say no to an event (like me) because you're not dressing the part.

I hope you enjoy these collection of inspirations, things, you've noticed, I really love to do for my blog, and I hope you'll find something enlightening in everything here as I have.

Altuzarra could be a model himself.

Raoul's Spring 2012 campaign

I see Prada. Excited to see "On The Road" on film...I'm just confused, is Garrett playing Cassidy?

So fresh and beautiful. Sigrid Agren

It's Vladimir for Calvin Klein Spring 2012 Indigos.

No one goes wrong in denim. But David just takes it to heaven, you know? Super model powers, I tell you.


- Gerard

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