Saturday, October 22, 2011

Laws of Beauty

You just might be the beauty Chad Buchanan's eyes are seeing.
I've tweeted this before, something about frogs and I remember Bryle retweeting it. Let me quote myself here: "When I'm a little sad about being single, I tell myself there are people out there who like frogs, so why wouldn't I be liked, I'm a frog." Which went totally far off track than the original thought I had in mind. 
What I meant was, if there are people out there who like frogs, and to me, frogs aren't at all likeable, then there must be someone out there who likes me, when, in my head, I don't find myself incredibly attractive at all. But don't worry, those are just the few times I allow myself to feel insecure. 
It is however, captured in this quote by Ivan Panin the truest thought I've attempted to describe in 120 characters: 

"For every beauty there is an eye out there to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart out there to receive it." --- Ivan Panin

And while the laws of beauty and art may seem to draw at something universal, there are also those moments of beauty, truth, love, whatever it is you want to talk about that captures you and you alone and then the universally acceptable, beautiful and real just don't matter anymore. Suddenly, these moments become your laws of beauty. Don't you agree?

Haha, what a way to open up my long-gone Good-looking weekend post. Feast your eyes on this weekend's beauties. Because for every beauty, is an eye to see it. Enjoy... 

Luminous, Diandra Forrest

First word that came to my mind after seeing him was "strength", Anthony Guzman
Fitria Yusuf. Gorgeous
Fashion's muse, Arizona Muse

Adrian Sahores for Balmain. He always reminds me of a kid

I love her face! Saskia de Brauw for ZARA

Still, for me the masculine ideal. David Gandy

- Gerard

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