Monday, August 8, 2011

The Heart Breaker

For my birthday, I want to see them.
I just hope that by my birthday I finally have someone significant to share it with, just so that when I see them live, the lyrics won't get to me as much.

I'm kidding, you could shoot me now. Up Dharma Down has always been such a heart-breaking band. They're proof that most great writing whether it's for music, literature or just a plain blog entry, involves a lot of tragedy and loss and confusion and anger (and of course, the omnipresent love). Don't you agree? But don't ever confuse a bitter, pathetic angry post with great, tragic writing okay? There's an ocean of a difference.

So I haven't given myself time to digest what Armi sings here, but surface value is already a 100 for me. What more if I finally get to sit down and read the lyrics, right?

God bless them for capturing how pain ought to sound like (in my opinion at least).

Such a great band.

- Gerard

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