Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Harry Kitty

CUTE indeed.
This is what I call color control. Great job to the fan who designed this.
This is how it's done!

TJ and I have always talked about how magazines here in the Philippines will rarely do something with humor on their covers. It's probably cause others won't get it, or people here aren't in for funny magazine covers, we don't know. But I've always dreamed of doing humorous covers, people with big real smiles on the cover, it's happy and it's energetic but it's not annoying. 

Then I stumbled on a FANMADE Numbero Homme Tokyo Cover for last month. Featuring the handsome Harry Goodwins (who, by the way has been doing the heavy rounds this year) dressed in a fresh, wrinkly pink jacket and multi-colored scuba suit and the ultimate icon of cute and Japanese culture, Hello Kitty. I know, I know. People think it's so gay or that it's weird, but for me, it works. There is something so cool, clean and sporty about the whole look. I actually love it so much, I'm planning to have it printed and framed for my desk here at the office...

Whoever did this, please show yourself. This is pure genius. It's witty, it's cool, it's easy and it's memorable. Great job.

This, is something humorous but at the same time, could pass as a serious cover. Don't you agree? I so fucking love it...It's crazy. Philippines, are we ready for something like this? Hmmm... I am for sure.

- Gerard

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