Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love Is A Losing Game

Amy Winehouse came to my life at an opportune time. You know how books, movies, songs, artists and other things suddenly enter your life at the moment that you felt you needed them most? For me, Amy Winehouse was the voice for a phase in my life that I couldn't really give one to. It wasn't just because she had catchy songs or songs that sounded fresh and new, but for me it was a connection, a relation to her words, to how she sings...And I've loved her since. Love Is A Losing Game felt like my song during a time and until now whenever I listen to it, a loop of memories would go rolling in my head. Her other songs are also favorites like Just Friends, Wake Up Alone and a lot more.

I claim no pure knowledge of her and her life or who she sounds like and who her references are. All that mattered to me was that she was here, singing songs I wish I could've written or sung or heard and songs that have compressed feelings I've felt within 3-4 minutes. 

So obviously, the news of her death just left me incredibly sad. Despite her problems, Amy Winehouse was a genius...Though troubled, she was one of the more human singers of recent history and for me it's amazing that way. Sure I wish she could've gotten herself together. But life's that way sometimes...

What's most admirable about her is how honest she is...Her lyrics are as telling as how she is in public and I believe that the reason why people love and hate her is cause of this. You can only expect honesty, purity and transparency from so little of the people we see today and Amy Winehouse was one of them. 

What I've learned from her is that in life's weakest moments, there is always strength you could muster, strength to face them through music and strength to share your life to the world, for who we are and what we're made to be is destined just for that...

Now, you deserve all the peace the afterlife could afford you...

Rest In Peace Amy

- Gerard

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