Monday, May 16, 2011


The stunning Teresa Herrera shot by Mark Nicdao and styled by Pam Quinones
This morning it finally arrived: my copy of the latest issue of ROGUE.
I always tell people that--whenever I contribute to them, it's my favorite work to date and stuff like that. This month, isn't really my favorite, but I'm really happy about it. To LA my editor, who always does a great job at keeping my posts tight and better, thanks for the new page you assigned me.
I've been doing Get The Look for 8 months, I think and Retrospect for some months. This month he gave me a Radar assignment which he called "The Summer Check-List". 
This was really one of those assignments that got me thinking, since it involved more of the trends than an all-around, all-year round style point of view. What was difficult was keeping it true to ROGUE fashion and at the same time marrying what's good now with it.
Thankfully, the turnout was great and the page, I really, really, really love. It's visually one of my most pleasing pages of the magazine (of course, not ignoring my last month's really relatively BIG page). 
So here it is! I am so proud of it, I had to take pictures. hahaha
My George Clooney page. Styling & captions by LA Consing Lopez

The Mark Ronson Get The Look. Title-wise, this is one of my favorites. Along with last September's Grant State of Mind

Such a beautiful page. I really love it. The Summer Check-List

It's not just cause my work is here that it matters. You will find yourself stuck on pages after pages of interesting and smart pieces, all theories and opinions and facts about the future...SINCE, the issue is all about the future, this issue will raise a LOT of interest especially when it comes to Teddy Boy Locsin's 2021 prediction about our country's government...You will be surprised at what they have to say about the future.

- Gerard


  1. I am proud :)

    Congrats Baby G!

  2. Thanks honeydew. :D SEE YOU SOON INDIECINDY!

  3. Oh, that's what you call boat shoes...never would wear these :P Unless they'd pay me for doing so :P
    But I love varsity jackets (and I don't have any :( )
    Congrats on your own page. The layout is really clear and helps to understand things quicker too.

  4. I'd pay you. I'm kidding. I love wearing boat shoes...mine are like so worn out. Varsity jackets for me are okay, just as long as they don't have the school insignia on it (which is kinda stupid, but my point is the design is good...)
    Thanks James! :D