Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Religion

The look you have to have for Paris Fashion Week @ GQ by Tommy Ton

These dudes are pulling off the looks I'd gladly pull off had I been in their shoes and in their clime. As you know I'm not a fan of in-your-face style (but I do appreciate it on others) and this kind of style I treat as a religion...Yes, I am a follower and pretty soon, I'd be heralded a Saint. Okay, so maybe that last part was me talking in a dream, and I'm punching myself as of the moment but the point is, the subscription to this kind of style is deadly. Something about all their rebellious, subtle ways' making me itchy and hungry all of a sudden. It's always the quiet that gets me, you know? Well, here's to worshiping this religion (and by that I mean no offense to any "real" religions).
Tommy Ton's at it again.

I say Amen. Emmenez-moi à Paris!!!! (Translated by Noelle and lovely friends)

Currently in a convulsion. MAN, this is sooo my style.
Yeah, naysayers say they don't see me wearing this. That's cause it's never good down here.

Looking every bit of a Pope

- Gerard

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