Friday, February 11, 2011

Holy Trinity

Sean O., Arthur K., Noah M. DETAILS, you are the best

Now would be the perfect time for a heavenly choir singing...
This has all my dreams written on it. I've long been hooked on male models cause they're cool and even though it sounds so demented to owe up to it, I am a huge fan. Putting them on a cover is just like every other lady out there asking for some super duper model on the cover of American VOGUE. This one, though Noah's not really one of my favorite, has really got me kicking. 
When will this ever hit Manila's stands? I am incredibly excited.
To DETAILS, please keep this up...
You know these guys are the hardest working bunch in the modeling world and they deserve every centimeter of your glossy cover. I'm just hoping next time it'll be Ben and Garrett and someone else...
But this is fantastic. If you could hold on to my heart right now, it's beating too fast I'm burning half of my body off in this moment.

Thank you DETAILS, now I remember how it was to go inside Toys 'R Us 15 years ago. 
March is turning out to be a splendid magazine month..I am sooooo excited.


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