Monday, February 28, 2011

Danger Spell

Those shoes are divine, Georgina's too pretty and Borgy's eyes are cuhrazzzyyyy good looking.

There's something sinister about Preview's March 2011 cover.
And I mean that in a sexy, sensual way. Of course, point out the obvious right: the nude Borgy and Georgina (cause these two don't need surnames...they're that known). But I think it's the color combination and the updated fonts at Preview that turned this into another one of their best. You can't deny how much pull Preview has when it comes to the visuals...It's their signature.
Superb work...

If danger looked like this, we'd all be chasing after the next danger spell we could have.



  1. Mine was more of "Jesus". ESPECIALLY after clicking the photo and seeing it bigger...Galing.