Thursday, January 27, 2011


The smile of fashion week's hysteria...

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said: "All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath".
And I believe that great style is swimming under water, holding your breath and if it's ever possible, forget about ever breathing again cause when it's that great, it's that worth it. No, don't die on great style...It's all figurative you know... But really, I think the whole drug of beautiful things is the breathlessness it casts on you...Like after reading a good story, you feel like you've lost the ability to breathe properly and your heart's at a race, going far from your rib cage and you just couldn't stand it anymore...It could be euphoria. It must be euphoria. It's what I get from fashion...I'm not one of them and if I'm being very blunt about it, I only dream of being one of them. Those handsome boys and beautiful girls the cameras go snapsnapsnapsnap for, wearing all such amazing style...That's the dream right there and seeing people live the dream is in fact holding my breath and if they're as cool, amazing and handsome as these ones, I'd already forgotten how to inhale.

And I am so privilaged to have interviewed Nam of Streetfsn before...He's getting bigger and bigger and better at his craft...All these amazing photos are from him and these ones, are all worth a picture frame.

So, I welcome you to a very difficult breathing exercise...Well, at least for me it's hard...God, I wish I was as stylish as them...


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