Monday, December 13, 2010

The Smile

I really, really like this photo....It's real candid and really nice.
I rarely go out to party and when I do, I always pull that smile, that awkward, unflattering smile that would always pop up on all the photos I have.

If it's not that smile, it's the pout, which I think does me better.
If it's not the pout, it's me talking with my hands somewhere near my face...I love my hands and maybe that says a lot and why they always figure into a photo.

Point is, Josine Protasio's birthday celebration was amazing. For someone like me who rarely goes to things like these, it means a lot when I say it was that amazing. Thank you to her!

Enjoy checking out pictures of me and my hot girl friends...which includes Tj of course.

Photos courtesy of Bella.


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