Monday, December 6, 2010

Now by the Sea: A Short Story

"Funny how after all such hard work, promise, achievements, even love to the end suddenly fall apart when I am this close to its perfection. It's not quitting, nor losing or admitting defeat. It's something else, something I know everyone else will go through in their own, opportune time. When I'm tired, I'm tired, and for this moment, life's eternal tribute to times been and will be gives way to something the rest of the world and I have 

Now, by the sea the world allows me a short chance to feel and be, while I have time to face life with and time wasted believing it was. The pursuit for love, success, fame and glory and everything else that seem to have figured the soul's most troubling questions faded into the background and all of now was the scent and music of salty waters, crashing and rolling on each other unto sand pure and pristine, a dome of blue and white and the depth of the ocean ahead of me, keeping ghosts of the world far from where I sat. I wanted to run wild and scream like today was created just for that. I was bursting with energy and joy, bursting with an innocence I have lost years and years ago. But I kept it for a while, because I had the rest of the day to do that and everything else. Somehow, nature and its lady, the sea, has taken me back to what matters and what matters is that now, I have finally lived." ----Gerard Gotladera

Possibly, my very first masterpiece to hit the shelves...And may I not jinx this one, but someday soon, this will probably be the ending you'll lose your heart to. So if you're an editor, please do contact me....I am dying to have this published.


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