Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Family

Put this on Tumblr, then place all your Tumblr-iffic quotes and what have you and it's all good.
This is my college family, one that'll most likely last for more years and decades after this final stretch of tertiary education. They say in the real world you'll find lots of friends, meet lots of people, but probably find so little "real" in them...I'm happy that I was gifted with great friends since elementary to college, cause these ones, are real people, the kinds that are rare to come by.

I love you guys and this is no post to get sentimental or super sappy over yet...When we do get the final picture, when we're say, days before graduation (Lord, let us graduate) that'll be the picture to get all pancake syruppy on.
In the meantime, cheers to the coolest, most beautiful and real people you'll ever find in the world, or at least, this side of it.

P.S. First photo up top was from second year college, then third year for the two in the middle and then at the bottom was taken today...
I need a fucking haircut.



  1. i need a new perm. HAHAHAHAHA1 love us and you, g:) <3

  2. I like your hair that way....AWWW...Noelle the "slut"...Love you!!! :D