Sunday, December 12, 2010

Early Christmas Gift!

The original, Thomas Crown Affair...
Oh McQueen and Dunaway...

The long wait is over.
Mr. Saverio Mancina, publicist of Mr. Alan Trustman, the writer of The Thomas Crown Affair, once e-mailed me after I posted on THE EDGE about limited edition Persols (the ones used on the original film). He sent me a link of a feature on Mr. Trustman on The Boston Globe...That was the reason why I thought he was an editor of the paper, anyway, Mr. Mancina invited me to interview Mr. Trustman, since he saw that I wrote about Steve McQueen and the sunglasses...
Of course, I said yes...Things like these are rare, for me at least.

NOW! After watching the two films over and over and over again and putting to good use all the knowledge I've gained thanks to school (both highschool and college), Mr. Mancina e-mailed days ago the lengthy and super useful and insightful answers of Mr. Trustman... 

Please do read it here, on THE EDGE. This is a dream come true for me and I honestly felt so happy reading his answers, especially the juicy bits about Steve McQueen (one of my idols), Pierce Brosnan, Angelina Jolie and his amazing thoughts on his work, the 60s and that lot.

Thank you to Mr. Saverio Mancina, I will always be grateful for this.
To Mr. Alan Trustman, of course, who's all so busy and talented and very very influential, I must say. 
And of course, to God...that one and only man who keeps putting a smile on me when I need it the most. Thank you so much for talent, the internet, people and great stories to tell.

This is a good Christmas gift! :D

Good night everybody!

P.S. 12 days of Christmas starts tomorrow! Will start posting my day-to-day wishlist. hahaha...But this one, has got to be one amazing gift! I really wish I could give a lot of gifts this Christmas to all the people I love...Lotto, please...


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