Thursday, November 25, 2010

Virtual Beauty

Solenn Heussaff all glammed up and trendy for Preview's ground-breaking issue

Preview magazine will most likely topple all other local publications with a BIG issue for December. It's a cover, so simple and beautiful it's a story all on its own: Solenn Heussaff gets the Preview treatment (a well deserved cover I must say) for next month's issue. That's a major story right there cause apparently, wherever this beautiful, talented lady lends herself too, turns to gold. My fashion blog THE EDGE, gets so many hits a day because of her 2008 cover for ROGUE magazine and if you check the stats of my blog, it's mostly cause people have been searching her name on Google and landing on my page. 

Another BIG deal is the magazine's breakthrough, more expensive issue that features a cover with the Augmented Reality block on it, a national publication first, I believe. Esquire was I think the first to use this with their Robert Downey Jr. issue last year. GQ has been dotted with these things courtesy of their ad pages and all you have to have, I think, is a smartphone, an iPhone/iTouch or a webcam. The code, once scanned by the webcam or any other device will show you their special treat, in Preview's case, making Solenn move. That's how it is I think, but of course, best grab a copy so you know what's up.

And I mean just look at it, without Augmented Reality, it's one of their finest covers to date: so glamorous, sexy without verging on FHM's style. These kinds of covers by Preview were the ones that got me hooked when I was in highschool and I love how they started doing it again with Cristine Reyes for this month. If Preview keeps doing such covers and breakthrough things, their rise to the international arena will come sooner than expected.
Great job Preview team...Great job.

P.S. There's no more of that "copying" crap people have been throwing at them for their June issue. It's real Tory Burch on the cover guys, so don't hate it and just stop hating in general. Alright? This one's a true beauty and one to wait for on newsstands. 



  1. stunning! i can't wait to buy this issue! when i found out it was going to be solenn sabi ko lang "it's about time!"

    Nakakaloka ang Augmented Reality! I never saw it coming, they never mentioned it!

  2. It's crazy nga e...Kakaloka talaga! This should be good...Do you have photos for this one? :D