Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving's Hmmm Post

I look so tall here. Do you like this look better than my other, same sweater post?
Photos by Lesley Choa
It's Thanksgiving today and even if we're not in America, it still felt like it cause my mom had something special for dinner: Shake N Bake. It's not turkey and there's no stuffing, but just cause it's Shake N Bake, it's special... And I told her that I was excited for dinner tonight, especially when we stopped by the grocery this morning to get the "supplies". I've been in love with food lately and knowing myself, I have to control my love for it. I get addictive and a little excessive on things I start to love and if I don't control that, we know the result...Gaining weight is just part of it, and not really a bad end, but what most unnerves me is being weak and giving in to such whims. If there's one thing I don't like about myself (or anyone for that matter) it's my tendency to lose control. I'm no control freak, but I believe that moderation is one of the finest things we should master in life. Too much of anything is bad and too little is just the same. And besides, being human gives you all the power of control over yourself...Reason why I frown upon people who blame others for being a certain way. There are those I know who resign to weakness by pointing fingers--- I myself have slapped my face hard from such inklings when I was young and I'm trying my best to be my own man. I do understand that it is natural to want to put the weight on somebody else for things that don't go as planned, but when you reach a mature point, you would want to have the balls to say, "okay I'm not healthy anymore, I have to control it", or "I'm being  such an ugly person, I have to stop being this way"....Goodness, the stretch  from thanksgiving to food to self-control to philosophy. 

Anyway, enough about that. I want to thank two special people for making my week an interesting and happy one: Thanks to the Choa sisters, Lesley, whom you know very well, and to her sister, Greta (as her Twitter account reads) Choa-Uy. Greta, treated us to lunch last Wednesday, even when I insisted to pay for it. Thank you for that short lunch cause I had fun, learned so much about the advertising agency, Cary Santiago (my favorite topic), their plans, my plans, traveling, Cebuano culture, Gavin Uy, the cutest baby I've seen in a while, Madonna, London, Kate Middleton's wedding to who else and most of all, being a best friend to Derek Ramsey and vise versa. If you were there you'd laugh and learn and that's basically how lunch should be spent: sweat-free, if it's possible, funny and educational and yummy! I hope I see Greta soon cause she's such a character.And of course, Lesley, my dear, dear friend who's always taking such wonderful photos for me and for herself and for the school and for everyone else...

It's nice to meet new people and that's one thing on my to-do list for next year: meet new people, make better friends out of acquaintances and try to be friendly and establish important ties with people. I've had so many friends since I was young and having more is most definitely an inexpensive way of enjoying life. Also one reason to be thankful for. Sooooo....Thank you to my friends for being such great investments. You will always be loved. 

There are so much more things to be thankful for, a batrillion of it in fact, and one of them, just to drive home a stylish point, is to thank God for giving me able feet. I love how my legs look trim here in this photo and I credit that to the art of running (which I have to get back to soon). Without my nice, able feet, running would never be possible, walking and a lot more other things would never be possible too, and of course, nice shoes and jeans and all the aesthetics involved wouldn't be possible...And my height too would never be possible without feet. It sounds funny, but it's cause it's a realization hitting me "now lang". Thank you God for everything else.

Happy Thanksgiving kids! If you have turkey, I'm so jealous. But at this time, 9 something, you should be sipping your hot tea...cause 9's too late for dinner. Right? Oh well. 

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