Monday, November 22, 2010

That Kid

Forever Young Lachowski

It's Lachowski everybody for Made In Brazil's second issue.
Reason why I like Francisco Lachowski is cause I feel like of all the models out there, he seems like the kind you'd never have a hard time getting along with. He seems like tons of fun and gets serious when the occassion calls for it. I remember using his photo for my Facebook profile, one I got from (prime source of everything model-y, duhh) and his eyebrows caused a riot: girls loved him that moment on cause he was too beautiful for words. To me though, he's that good-looking kid you sit just about six or seven seats away from, cracks the best jokes, laughs aloud and when it's a drinking Friday night, he's philosophical and makes total sense. No, I don't know him, I wish I did...Lachowski's like that kid...

The cover definitely took me back to high school, when after running in the field, the cocky ones took off their shirts and flexed thin muscles. They had fun out of it and it's all part of the endless supply of youth and humor that I see Lachowski has...Or at least in the photos I've seen of him. Now, who was my version of that kid? Chances are, most of my guy friends are.. Which I know, is the reason why I feel Lachowski's easy to get a long with.
Right? Right!

NICE job Lachowski. And of course, Made In Brazil.


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