Monday, November 15, 2010

A Clyde Superstar

My old Clydes look better on photos
Thank you Lesley Choa

No, what I wore isn't much of a change of style but rather an introduction to it.
I've been thinking about having a style change, like a total make over but I've finally come to terms with being a moody dresser.
What I do understand, when it comes to my style, is that I always want to look neat...Or at least presentable. I've tried looking all L.A. hipster (the good kind) skater boy-like and I know that the moment you think about it, the purpose of style gets lost and ruined and sort of in shambles. Sooo, I just have to settle with the "wake-up syndrome"...You know how certain kinds of people always tell you, on interviews, that the way they dress depends on what they feel and their state of mind when they wake up? Exactly my sentiments when it comes to personal style. I believe that it's all mood and situation, of course the weather has a say on it...But I do admire people who have well-detailed styles and could talk about it for days. It might seem narcissistic (but hey, everyone is in love with their own self) but it strikes me differently. Anyway, what's the point of trying to look all skater boy when a.) I couldn't skate b.) I don't have the body for it and c.) I own only this pair of Clydes.

The last point doesn't have to do with being a skater, I just placed it there for a good start for my next talk on sneakers. There are only two sneakers I own and will most definitely keep buying until it's appropriate to wear them: Adidas Superstars and Puma Clydes. For me these two are pretty cool and are easy to work with when it comes to dressing up. My Superstars have been walking me through so many places since my sophomore year in high school and I'm about to give them up, even when they fit like sturdy clouds...My blue Puma Clydes are also awesome favorites, cause it's "instant cool" to most of my sober clothes and I like how it's suede looks darker now and more storied than it was when I first bought it. I've been planning to go crazy on shoes sometime soon, that is if the Lord grants me that mega mega lotto---some 400 million pesos is all---and I'm thinking about getting two more pairs of Clydes in probably orange and navy blue...Or black. I want to be daring sometime, when I'm channeling a Joseph Gordon-Levitt on (500) Days of Summer where he was wearing sneakers with a slim-cut jacket and matching trousers. I have to be more experimental with style while I'm young. I don't want to be pulling off the impossible when my back's awfully bent, my belly swelled up and I'm, maybe, 78.
Not such a "cute" thing.

I am excited to go to sleep cause I'm dead tired. I've been pulling off crazy antics at school and here at home and that only means one thing: I am not well. Usually, when I'm all cheery and jokey it means I'm sleep deprived, hungry or tired. When I'm all maxed out, I pass out wherever it is pass outable (not a word) and I wake up from a deep slumber and my skin's glowing like an angel's. That's exactly me now and in a few minutes I'd be ....


P.S. to the "fashion kids", you know who you are, Saturday, dinner, High Street, Healthy Shabu-Shabu! MUST GO! MUST BOND! Miss you all. And Lesley, please keep laughing, it's such a nice, sexy laugh.


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