Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bring Sexy (Excess) Back

The Adam and Eve of Excess
MONDAY magazine's Nov-Dec 2010 double covers

To Ms. Clarissa Concio-Tiglao of MONDAY magazine, thank you for this opportunity.
And of course to ROGUE's Vanni De Sequera for giving MONDAY (and Ms. Conch) the recommendation. As always to LA Consing Lopez of ROGUE for being my very first employer. Without you guys, writing for Manila's elegant publications wouldn't be possible.
Enough about me...
Don't you think MONDAY magazine's "Excess" issue for November and December 2010 kicks some mighty fine ass? These are two sexy covers but incredibly tasteful it'll pain me to see folds or rips on them...
Couldn't wait.
And here comes the plugging part (I always feel like I'm on The Buzz when I do plugs...rhyming not intentional): please grab a copy of both ROGUE and MONDAY for this month and the next. They're very classy publications and always such a pleasure to read.

Thank God, again, for these blessings.
I am loving it!



  1. yaay! i love that you're having so many published work!!! more more more!

  2. Why thank you BJ...I want to be as widely published as you...You're everywhere and I'm happy...Congratulations for that...I really loved your photos for Metro this month. Ganda...Nagiiba ka ba ng style? May slight difference e...Oh well...
    THANK YOU ULIT! :D Hope to finally meet you soon.

  3. I've read your works in Rogue and in Monday!! You write very well. I am a fan :) Congratulations and I do wish for more work to come for you!
    And I looove both those magazines btw!


  4. Hi Sharina...

    You've seen Monday na?! Wow...I'm jealous. hahaha...I haven't seen it yet. Anyway, thank you so much for reading my works. I honestly find comfort in the fact that there aren't that much who read them...hahaha...Cause only a few people read now a days. So thank you so much for taking the time to read them I appreciate it. Don't be a fan. hahaha...Well, not yet. (feeling). I'm kidding. :)

    But thank you so much...
    I checked your blog and you're the one here who deserves a fan...You've got so much followers and you post a lot (not to mention pretty stylish pics too)...I'll make sure to visit it more often.

    Again, thank you for all your kind words. It's nice to finally know someone's name especially when people who comment here are friends or a lot of strangers. And there's Mr. BJ Pascual of course... hahaha... :D

  5. I also read both! Why so smart, Gerard?! Why so smart?!

  6. Dear Anonymous...
    PLEASE put your name next time. HAHAHAH...But thank you for those words. I try to be smart...hahah...
    No but it's all research...I read a lot...If there weren't any good things to read, I wouldn't be able to write. That's all...
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D
    I hope you put your name talaga, it's always better when there's a name e. :)