Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thank You

One of the coolest gifts (from among millions I've received).
Thank you Tj for this, I really felt warm and fuzzy. :))
To Bob too for making my birthday amazing.

I'm in my room, partying to Usher and it ain't so bad.
I spent 4 in the afternoon yesterday to 4 in the morning today with my best friends and it was insane. We're not the drinking kind, but we had lots of fun, just "chilling". That's how we really are and it's nice.

Today, all I did was marvel at my mom's gift (thank you for the wonderful new toy mom, I love it but I love you more than anything else), download apps like crazy and stare at my Facebook wall. Well, aside from that, I also received one of the best gifts I've ever had in my entire life. For the very first time in my life, I was witness to a wonderful, golden sunrise around 5 something this morning. It was incredibly beautiful and that was the perfect reminder that life is always all good.

Things have not gone as planned today, but you know, I'm content and most of all, very very thankful for all the amazing, beautiful gifts I've been continuously receiving since day one of my life. And in the twenty one years of life I've been enjoying, I ought to have no room for regrets and sad episodes...

To the people who's greeted me from everywhere thank you so much for remembering my birthday. To me it's one of the best things to receive, a greeting from people who all have spent a few seconds just to acknowledge your existence.
I had this grand plan for my 21st months ago, but because I'm indecisive and just not up for that HUGE celebration, I favored some quiet time at home and I believe it's just as good as any birthday celebration I've had.

Then again, with amazing people, family and friends around, it's like everyday's my awesome, crazy cool birthday. :) And of course, all credit goes to God. Without him, nothing would ever be possible. Thank you everyone for making this day extra special for me...I love you all and I wish you more beautiful years to celebrate all beautiful occasions with.
Here's to being 21 and being, hopefully, a brand new 21st version of me.


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