Thursday, October 14, 2010


Walk, walk skinny baby...

Dear Teej,

You know that everyone special deserves a special post on my blog. And since you are special, yun lang.
Tj Estrada, you are finally in your "line of 2" and I am excited for you. I am excited because you're finally a big boy now. And I mean that. I've written so much about you before so you know how special you are to me. I treat you, just like Bob and Cindy and Jemma, as a sibling. You could also pass as my fierce, skinny tall twin. You're so gay but people don't know how straight you actually are. You're straighter than most people I know and that's very admirable.
Despite your sad moments, you know you're worth more happy days than gloomy ones, because, aside from your spicy humor and your lithe body (hahaha), you're bursting with potential and an inner glow that only a few have. I guess we could credit that to Myra 300 E.

It's an hour before your birthday and I want to get serious:
Thank you for all the memories. You have proven to be one of the bestest people I have ever known. You're such a smart young man, stylish, funny, extremely talented and simply one of the greatest people anyone would ever want to call a sibling. I also know that whatever happens, we have a friendship that needs no proving, because this is one of the surest things we have (this sounds so romantic hahhahaha).

I wish you all the best in life because I know that, even if you sort of don't "buy" religion, God will constantly shower you with everything that is necessary to turn you into the best person you ought to be. I wish you nothing but happiness, success (which I know is always within your reach, just stretch) and, of course, love.
I also wish that one day, we could travel the world and laugh at people and at ourselves.
Just remember this, whatever favorite color it is you have (either black), you will be the smartest, chicest and slimmest color of the rainbow.
Happy Birthday twin...I hope you treat me tomorrow, on your birthday. I want A LOT of good food. hahaha...and Starbucks.
Anyway, whatever happens I will always be here for you, being one of your coolest, most awesome confidence boosters in the world! :D I LOVE YOU MAN!

See you in a few Snooki!


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