Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love and Money and Magic

Browns and reds and bad legs
w/ Jemma "Jermy" Dela Cruz
Thanks Lesley "Leszles" Choa

Got my second Foundations of the Humanities paper this morning and I'm not happy.
If there's one thing I hate it's being stagnant and awfully consistent in a bad sense. Sure, Dr. Mar says I have written a good paper but the argument was nowhere to be found. Might as well nail an iron through my head.
Now, I am feeling the pressure. I have told myself that I shall produce a kick-ass paper since this last one makes up 40% of our grade. If I ace that, I'd be very happy and prove myself a legitimately sensible person.
So wish me luck. I want to consult the Magic 8 ball again, which has been occupying my mundane hours this afternoon and I must say, I am liking the answers I've been getting.
Magic 8 ball says it's in New York where my future is.
Magic 8 ball says this year, I'll finally meet the one.
Magic 8 ball says that one of birthday gifts is the exact one that's sitting pretty (expensive) on top of my list.
Magic 8 ball says I will become a GQ editor in the distant, reachable future.
Magic 8 ball says "feed me a cat" to a question I wanted answered (Me: Magic 8 ball, will I have beautiful kids in the future?)
Magic 8 ball says "concentrate harder and ask again" to a question about a person I use to like. And I do. Then it says that "its sources say yes".
Magic 8 ball says no to questions that have left my heart dipping up and down sometimes, but I'm still pretty happy that it answered yes to a lot of other relevant questions.

Imagine that, all your life's most pathetic and important questions one online billiard ball answers after every, single click. And I wish life was that easy. Oh well. I don't believe in it but I do it cause it's fun. And it sort of keeps me smiling. Like birthday girl Jemma (with me on today's look photo). She's so funny most of the time. It's still her birthday, so happy birthday! I can't wait to treat her and Cindy and my other close, close friends these coming days. I might seem like an extremely selfish person (which is actually provable) but when I have just about enough, I share a lot of what I have. So I hope I wake up tomorrow with money under my pillow so I could treat more friends out to drinks, cookies and milk and whatever else they want to have.

I'm still pretty bothered about my Foundations paper, especially when I'm writing about love. There are other philosophical pursuits I know I could write about but as I came to realize, all things here on Earth are actually founded on some kind of love. That's a totally different realization from the one I'm writing about and the point is, love is simply unavoidable, besides, we always talk about it but do we really know what it means and what it is? And if we do, are we, at all, capable of it? Hmmmmmmmm.....(I could already feel that iron being nailed through my head. Help me God).



  1. Hey, Gerard. Goodluck on the paper :) New to your blog, by the way. I'm sure you can do it, judging by what I've read so far.

    Sidenote, you deserve every bit of success you're going to get. (If that even makes sense) I'm sure of it. :)

  2. Hi.
    You know I wish you'd put your name next time. It's better to thank somebody who has a name (hahahaha).
    That's very nice of you to say, thank you! :D I do need all the luck I could get for this 3,000 word paper. :| But thank you, thank you, thank you for all your kind, humbling and inspiring words. God bless you! :D

  3. Gerard, you know what Joao said? Having the same grade as your last paper is already an improvement of some sorts! Remember Doc Mar said that he'd raise the bar for each paper as we progress? That means he had higher standards in the second paper than the first one, and the third has even higher standards... So getting the same grade is a good thing, sort of! At least we didn't get anything lower than what we've already shown him!

    Btw, can't wait for MONDAY!!! :)

  4. Im awfully shy :) Maybe next time. Tell us how it goes! :D

  5. @ Anonymous...Well, I have to know you, you know. hahaha....Please share your name. Don't be shy. :) The paper's done. I'm nervous about it, but I have tomorrow to do some final revisions. :)
    PLEASE Tell me who you are okay?! :D