Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Jermy Day

Photo by Lesley Choa

Dear Jemmur, Jermy, Jemmziloo, Jemms

In a few minutes, you'll be 20 years old and I still can't (in a British accent) believe I don't have a gift for you. I guess friendship would do. Anyway, you are one of those genuinely rare-to-find cool people in school and I'm happy that Noelle cut that day in Korea class, because if she didn't I guess it'd take us longer for a friendship to start. I treat you like a sister. I love how we think alike and we're very indecisive and kinda moody but pleasant most of the time. I know a lot about you and you know a lot about me. So, if one day you'll spill like beans I shall be sad and think about our friendship...But I love you cause you're beyond awesome, truly genuine and incredibly beautiful inside and out. PLUS, you're one of those brilliant minds in our batch so keep being shiny and brilliant.
I hope sleek will give you a nice, hard time tomorrow so I could finally punch his face. And I also hope chicharoo will be the same, so I could trip her sexy walk. Now, you're birthday will be better!
I will get you a good gift, one that you'll enjoy and treasure (hopefully).

I pray that you always remain that humble and faithful to God because these are two traits kids our age have certainly forgotten about. Masarap ang buhay mo cause you deserve it! I love your phone and I will one day steal it. Okay, enough of this stream of consciousness writing.
I'll see you in approximately, ten hours and I'll hug you and kiss you and greet you a happy, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday!
I know I have found a true friend in you even in the shortest time and I shall work to be just as true to you, because that's the best gift any person could give you (or at least one of).
God bless you London!
I truly LOVE YOU! :D

P.S. You're so young. For three days we'll be the same age. And then it's over. hahaha


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