Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It's a simple slide of the hand
a brush against the cheek
and we both take it like it's natural.
We bend like flowers pulled by ocean water
with flesh as the promise to keep.

It's an easy Hello
that means something like stay with me, longer
but never forever.
We spin into each other like stars across Jupiter
with collision as the future.

They know us as separate souls
with not one thread that ties us together
and we can't blame them, cause they know nothing
about what we are and who we are.

They know us, but know so little.
They know me without you
You without me.
But we know no one else
but you and I...we.

And here we go, like fires fusing into one
losing yourself to mine and the other hot way around.

Now, we've set apart
strangers braving the night, with upturned collars and half-seeing eyes
of only shared, solitary nights as memento.

Let's keep us our darkest secret...
And when Judgment day comes,
they'll know what we are apart
and who we were together.

-Gerard Gotladera

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