Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I see Arthur Kulkov with the gloves.
I really loved his look. I'd wear that everyday of every week

Smiling Mr. Simon "Pouty" Nessman

Backstage at Simon Spurr.
And when you see this, it's a warning, that all Simon Spurr things are a.) beyond your budget if you're a poor person like me b.) too handsome and c.) just full of the best-looking male models in the world.
Welcome to Simon Spurr where all your sartorial dreams are in the future and really expensive. But hey, you get your money's worth.
After graduation, and for my first big fat pay check (that'll come in 20 years), I'll get me a Simon Spurr anything. I'd be very happy.
Such beautiful, sensible clothes makes you want to do well in school and wish that money really grew from tall tall trees.


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