Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Never Again

Capt. Danny Schwarz is a very funny man actually
Check out his YouTube videos.
You'll want to be friends with him.

I'm not a reader of OUT magazine, not cause it's a gay magazine, but just because I simply don't get to read it.
But this cover of Capt. Danny Schwarz is one of the best covers ever published.
I have this thing about magazine covers that focus on the face. I remember just staring at Kate Bosworth on her VOGUE cover back in February 2008 I think. I also am mad about, of course, the Sportswear International cover. This is a perfect cover.
And perfect covers are hard to come by now a days. It only made the cover all the better when I found out that its nominated for an award...I forgot what exactly but I think it's by Amazon. I have to check.
Anyway, point is, I really want this. I have to have this. And I promised myself that I shall scout the metro for this. If I can't find it, I'll go online for it. This reminded me of that beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker cover for Harper's Bazaar. I kept staring at it for such a long time and before I could ever reach a decision, it was already gone. I must not let such impulses pass me by. Never again.

P.S. If you're my friend and you love me---in all truth and honesty and sincerity---you know what to do! (hahaha...I'm such an awful ass)


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