Monday, September 6, 2010

Sportswear International

An early, incredibly cool birthday present :)

Say it with me:
(insert your best scream here)
The long wait is over...(for me, that is)

While in the middle of piecing up my Australia report, mom calls me on my cellphone and I never got to answer her.
All she wanted to say was that Sportswear International came in this morning. After that, I counted my miserable hours in school before getting home.
And just like a dream, it did come in a package. With all its simple stickers...
Anna sent me a letter too, which is just so touching.
You guys are the sweetest.
It's crazy, the moment I slid out the issue and Alex Dunstan's just biting at his collar and looking at me like it's Hello from Germany...The cover is just divine. Especially the photos of him inside. After studying, I'll hit the glossy pages before going to sleep.

To the cool people up at Sportswear, I could never thank you enough. If I do get my card back I'll subscribe, immediately. You guys are too awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is one of the best birthday presents ever...Who knew turning 21 would this cool? Thank you Lordy...


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