Sunday, September 5, 2010


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The moment I received the latest assignment from the boss, I knew where to turn to for help...
See mom, all that money spent on magazines' finally paying off. It was a short-noticed assignment, informing me this morning and asking for it tomorrow night. It may sound ridiculous, but I loved it. I couldn't say no to writing about style. And besides, if I let it slide for tomorrow, I'd lose my writing mojo, so I did my best to start as soon as possible.

Mind you, I didn't copy things from DETAILS, but it did educate me for this assignment. Well, actually, just like GQ, I get most of my knowledge from these ones. These American magazines serve like fashionable big brothers to me, which explains why I love buying magazines. They also feel like passports to stylish worlds I could not yet travel to, just like literature.
God, I wish homework would always be like this. It is hard but it's something I really love doing that the difficulty seems non-existent. Tomorrow, I'll psych myself to work like that 5 hour writing job I did just hours ago. I have to research about women and the role of fashion in colonial Philippines' social setting.
Gender History you will be my VOGUE tomorrow. And the Blair and Robertson records.
Well, I'm off to watch Surrogates and then hop to bed.

Good night people, long weekend, again, this week. Work hard from tomorrow 'till Thursday and then party harder! hahaha...Thank you, thank you, thank you...


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