Friday, September 10, 2010

Most You

My bag is weighing me down. But it's practically empty.
Our (Bryle, Lesley) attempt at a Jak and Jil
Photos by Lesley Choa

This is one of the best shirts my mom has ever given me.
It's, God love, H&M. And every single time I wear this, I feel happy, comfortable and incredibly chic. If there was one button-down I'd wear everyday, this'd be it. Paired with khakis, black slacks, all shades and cuts of jeans, this always looks cool. My mom has the eye, for sure.

I think it's an oxford shirt, I'm not quite sure though. What I'm most certain about is that this one is my go-to shirt when I'm feeling like my style mojo needs some reassurance. You could say that among all the looks I've worn this is most me: plain, wrinkled (hahaha) simple and easy.

I had a fun Thursday night hours and hours ago with my blood and soul siblings, Bob and Tj. For a change we headed up North and drowned in Starbucks from 10 to 2 something in the morning, laughing about the most irrelevant things like Tj's crazy, sexual jokes and Bob's high school reminiscing. Anyway, I wore the same pants and boat shoes and had on another blue short sleeved button down shirt. Tj was in a pale salmon button down too, a white v-neck and trim khaki trousers and his super cool grand daddy penny loafers. And if we only took a picture, you'd think we were marching for some preppy collection. I believe that if our truly rugged other blood and soul sibling, Bob dressed up (cause he always wears shorts, slippers and a jersey shirt) he'd most likely wear something like what Tj and I wore. Sitting near us were these amazingly stylish Atenean students, one looking pretty much a guy version of Taylor Momsen: plaid long sleeved shirt unbuttoned, deep-necked white tee, a chunky braided necklace, denim cut-offs, ripped black stockings and boots. From a far you would really see the worlds-apart difference between our styles.

I don't wear style like that. It's not me. But that's the reason why I love style...whether you like it or not, the clothes we all do wear reflect who we are. It's pretty interesting to sort of see a preview of the person through their clothes. Sure, we shouldn't be defined by what we wear...But the style we all have is a very shiny (and inescapable) fraction of ourselves.

Hah, I know if everyone thought like this, they'd think I'm such a bore. Well, I think I am. I bore myself. hahaha...Oh well. I'd head back to writing my Historiography paper...Due when? Wednesday. Geez, and months ago, I was preaching to the younger Humanities students to never cram...I deserve some spanking. It's true, I am a world class crammer. God help me.

I would also like to thank Tj for bringing home---from Singapore---such cool magazines. I really love Style:Men's photos...and their layout. I do though think that the male models they book look like male versions of Lily Donaldson and Natalia Vodianova. Hmmm...



  1. Heyyy you don't know me but I just want to tell you that I love your style! I got to your blog through Institution of Style. When I first saw it, I was telling myself 'WELL it's about time!' Great job. :)

  2. Hi Valerie...Thank you for appreciating. I'm very simple, unlike most of the people we feature on Insti. hahaha... Thank you again for dropping by. :D

    P.S. I think we're both humies...right?