Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello Blondie(s)

Let's all admit it, we have a crush on Ryan Gosling. I do. My mom does. Cindy does. The cat right across our house does.
Gender does not matter when it's Ryan Gosling.
Anyway, is it me or is Michelle Williams the queen of October. Last year, for the same month, she covered for VOGUE (and as a trivia, it was because of her and that issue that got my letter into the January 2010 issue of VOGUE) and in some bizarre turn of fate, her kinda-look alike Carey Mulligan is this year's cover girl for the same month and magazine.
Point is, I am in love. Ryan Gosling's truly James Dean and Michelle Williams is mad sexy...Damn those lips.
This seems like a pretty exciting issue.

All I ever dream about really is opening a neat box, wrapped with a black silk bow and inside would be W, VOGUE, British and American Esquire, ROGUE, GQ, DETAILS, ELLE, Interview, NYLON, Men's Health, VOGUE Hommes, French VOGUE, more Sportswear International and PREVIEW. I'd be super happy. And that's cause I love gifts, neat boxes and magazines. That's happiness.

So, why was I blogging again? I was this close to finishing my theoretical background review. Damn you W magazine for being so beautiful, what with all your new team, layout and colors and fonts and Ryan and Michelle.


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