Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Morning

Peg this for a change.
Check out the spats.
Check out the jacket.
Check out that "I'm so cool, I don't even know it" facial expression on his face.
Meet Mr. Ryan Gosling. If he made you cry on The Notebook well, he's bound to make you scream cause he's such a James Dean. (The rhyming, was unintentional).
Again, it's the religion of discreet, subtle, never conscious style that I try to follow. Ryan is a good a Saint of it. It's time for some worshiping.
Sunday morning's good to all of us...It should be, cause tomorrow's Monday. If only the weather allowed us such fashions I'd be happier. Still, I'm smiling.



  1. saw this one on GQ.. his look is amazing.. -Andre Leon Tally

  2. Hi Andre. hahaha..Stop using Andre Leon Tally's name okay? Tapos may "BRYLE" said pa sa taas. hay nako Bryle