Monday, August 23, 2010

The Only Thing That Works

Now that it's (the Quirino Grandstand Hostage) all over I---along with others---- have proven, a billionth time that prayer is the only thing that actually works.

Thank you God.



  1. No sweetie, they don't work. How have you proven that prayers work? I mean people died... hellerr! Kawawa naman those that died.. :( Action is needed for our country.... Not prayers.

  2. This is just me, my opinion and my being religious.
    Yeah, I understand that actions are important. Besides, the Philippines has been asking for it since God knows when.
    But for me, it did work cause of so many personal experience, stories of other people...And when you look at it, at this perspective, the hostage yesterday could've ended in an awfully worse scenario.
    I'm just thankful that there are still people who lived. And for those who have sadly passed away because of yesterday's episode, I still pray for them that they find peace.
    It's all I could do.
    But you are right. I agree that actions are just as important.

  3. You are amazing Gerard! :)

  4. Hi, that's so nice...I wish I knew you. hahaa... :) But thank you...That's very humbling... ;)