Monday, August 23, 2010

Bomb Threat

It's not funny.
Or maybe because we're Filipinos which sort of affords us the ability to laugh it off and at it. My school suspended the rest of the day, to make sure every single person is safe from a bomb threat. Turns out a grenade was found in one of our men's washrooms in ACB building---specifically, one of my favorite washrooms in school, 1st floor.
Now, school mates are asking, why our school?

Someone said it's for publicity (I think one of my closest friends said this). That's really offensive...I think. Had that bomb exploded, we really would be in the limelight but nobody needs limelight anyway if you'll be losing schoolmates and professors and xerox ladies.
I think our school's not safe, now that they actually unearthed a grenade. If tomorrow they declare it's alright to head to school, I'd cut the day off. Better dedicate an entire day for surveying. Who knows what other stuff they might find in school.

And I think that whoever that was who dropped that little "gift" in school was actually smart. It's not commendable, but the reason why you do bombings is because you want people dead (one of the reasons at least). Our school's very small with a population exceeding more than a hundred. In scale---as an example, you bomb a building in UP, it wouldn't affect the entire population, whereas our population is highly concentrated in three, very close and small buildings. You bomb one, you bomb the entire population. That is, if the bomb's that powerful. And that's probably why they chose our school.
It's still not funny, especially when you analyze it. And I pray that people stop tweeting about it being a joke...cause it's not really funny.

Then again, we have to thank God that the administration was quick to respond and it makes me happy and consoled that in such times, our school's this responsible. Thank God everyone's safe. It might seem like the world's going ballistic, there's only one solution to that: Shut up and pray.



  1. Crazy! I'm REALLY really thankful that no one got hurt. I thought it was a bomb threat? They actually found the bomb/grenade (I dunno what to call it)..?? I was starting to feel that it was a false alarm, or that someone made a really ill practical joke. It's crazy talaga. I can't get over how crazy this day is :(

  2. It is super crazy today. And after watching the hostage episode, I don't feel so optimistic about the next days...
    Well, thank God na lang talaga...