Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Drink, Drink...Drink

The secret to a hot day: Drinking mega Iced Tea
photo by Lesley Choa

That, would be my last post on the event.
It is sad and frustrating and aggravating, but life must go on.
Since it is nearing September, please make sure that you guys get a copy of ROGUE magazine. The fantastic style editor of the magazine, Mr. L.A. Consing Lopez had e-mailed me a proposal, so beautiful and memorable I think I just might have it framed, months ago to write for their publication. Boy, you would not believe the joy that ran through my cold, cold veins. I was reading through my mail, checking for readings for Wester Literature when I saw his name. The moment I read it, I sprang on my feet, ran to the kitchen to tell my mom and after that, my life has changed.

If that was amazing, I practically shouted the moment I stepped out of their office (to get my copies of the magazine for studying), wobbly on my legs after meeting the ROGUE people. They were all so handsome and cool and relaxed, you just want to be part of the team. Editor-in-chief JoseMari Ugarte got me starstruck, especially after he told me all about my blog post that they published for the June issue. After that day, I had decided that I want me in that office and in that masthead. Whatever if f-ing takes.

So...the moment ROGUE hits newsstands please get a copy. It would be my first ever work for a magazine and it's truly humbling that of all the ones locally published, it's ROGUE that picks me up from my talented and promising generation. I owe so much to the ROGUE people just for that simple work they asked me, cause for me, it's very BIG!

Of course, I have to thank God. Without him, these things would never be possible.

Let's all drink to our youth, to the future and to our generation....



  1. Nice blog! Personal and stylish. I like.

  2. Hi...
    Why, thank you. That's very flattering. :)