Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear Monday

Oh me, I feel drained.
Watching the most horrifying hostage event on live TV was beyond disturbing.
I received a comment on my post about prayer, telling me that what this country needs is action, not prayer. For whoever the commenter was, prayers don't seem to work.

I respect that. And what he/she is saying is absolutely true, that this country has been on bended knees for as long as I could remember, asking for one thing...action.
Well, I have no violent opinions against action and the post with Jesus' face on it was simply my way of making sense out of the whole thing. In my life, you see, I have gone through a lot and I have always asked for God's help. Of course, what happened yesterday was an incredibly different situation. My point was that, in all things, bad or good, I think asking for God's aid always works.

I believe that if people weren't praying, yesterday's incident could've gone into a madder, awful scenario. It could always be worse. And I think that acknowledging God is my top priority, cause I was raised this way, taught this way and chose to live this way.
People will always have things to say about yesterday, how the police were this and that and how the media shouldn't have done such and such, but at the end of the day, we're all just talking. For people who want action, go and do it. It's beautiful to see people wanting change and acting on it cause it shows that they are people of principles. For people like me who believe in God, let's all pray for a better country and for the souls of those who perished yesterday to find peace.

I have ran out of things to say after yesterday. What bothers me the most is not the government and their lack of said action. It's also not the media and their seemingly missing ethics. I don't hate Mendoza cause I have not enough reasons to feel that way and I also don't think I am entitled to cast judgment over him, since we are all human anyway. What really bothers me is the bigger picture...Why does it have to end this way? Why do we have to sacrifice innocent lives for simple desires? The strangest thing about us human beings is that we are all so capable of great things, good things and yet we too are responsible for the world's most hideous crimes.

I guess that's why I count myself as religious...It feels like no matter how hard we study or reach understanding of humanity, we never really grasp its entirety. We know this is free will and all that lot, but could we really hold it like a pen and say "yes, I can actually hold it and use it and I know it." We can't. We try to make sense out of it, but we really won't ever entirely know everything. That's why I look to God, cause I believe that if there were any existing being in this time that knows all things, it's him. That's why I pray that the souls of the victims and the soul of Mendoza be brought to perfect justice. That's why I pray that the people who advocate for change would get up their feet, search for it in peaceful and reasonable ways. And that's why I also pray for resilience and hope and humanity...

On the brighter side, I think that soon enough, we would be able to fix this...I'm not sure how, but I know that man is resilient and as long as we do have hope, things will always be brighter. Now, people might look down on us and say that this is a bad country. But when we all get to distance ourselves, we realize that bad people and things happen the world over, even outside our own planet. The world may be full of evil people and motivations, but it is not an evil place to live in. I guess we all just have to learn from this, never forget the victims, pray---if you want---for their souls and for our country, and move on with yesterday's event inked on our souls.

. Gerard

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