Saturday, August 7, 2010

All that Matters

Oh sure, we've all looked back on the past and despite our hardest efforts to push away regret, no human out there is purely free of it.

Why do we regret anyway?

I am not free of it, but I'm not quite sure if I am guilty of it either. What I do know is that we look back on the past, see things we wish we'd never see but move on anyway cause it's all that matters.

I've been visited by regret lately...Or at least copies of it and everytime I do entertain them, I look at myself and dissect where in my anatamoy have I hidden such evils.
And I found them.

And tonight---because I just came from one of my hardest philosophy classes and this is sort of an attempt to pen a future paper for it----I have decided to open a public apology to the numerous people I've offended. If I could only put all your names here I would. It'll be incredibly humbling to do so, but I know most of you would never agree on it. And most likely, all of you do not care about what I think (which is great).
So, I am very sorry for offending you...

People may never forgive me and they may never forget my ugly, but I have realized today that whenever we do have haunting pasts, it's best to just owe up to it, let it go and lead yourself in on a continuous path towards a beautiful end.

The world is already too dense with sadness and holding on to a mass of regret or of a less than perfect past makes where we live in a little too heavy for hope.
Hope is all that matters anyway, so make sure you clear out space for it.

Good night kids...

P.S. to my Hume buddies, I wish we all get through this paper alive.



  1. OH. WOW. MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY. I've been stressing about one particular issue for weeks now, but you are right. Just own up to it and let to. Sorry kung feeling close ako, but this post is super right timing lang. Thank you.

  2. Dear BJ, it's alright. Masfeeling close ako noh! hahaha...but yeah...I guess it is the only way to relieve yourself from stress (yun nga accept and let go). :D
    I'm glad you feel the same. :D You're welcome AND thank you again.