Friday, July 30, 2010

I am a nice person

I give up. I know that even if I do a Warhol of this photo, no one in this world would ever understand my love for the pair. Or even knock on my door and say...
"Hey Gerard, you've been such a nice deserve these Dunhill boots."
Or at least buy me these ones, pack them in a neat box and wrap it in glossy black paper with a white bow wrapped around it, FedEx them anonymously. That would be better.

Thanks a lot Esquire for making me feel empty. I was fine before your sleek magazine's website came to me through some advertisment online.

I really give up. My only hope is to find me someone to train me for stealing a bank. And that too is hard to come by now a days...Jeeeeezzzzz....
The world has turned into one mean place I tell you...And I thought the internet would bring us all closer...

Well, at least I could imagine what to wear with these handsome boots. I have ALL the clothes to wear with these ones, so doesn't that make it a perfect investment?

(I'm still delusional. Save me.)


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