Friday, July 30, 2010


One of the bestest people in the world will celebrate her 21st (you're such a senior) birthday tomorrow and it's mandatory for you to greet her.
I love Cindy so much that if things and circumstances were normal, she'd probably be...Let's not go there.

Cindy's like a super sister to me and most of the time, she's the only person in school who gets my odd humor. Everything to us is funny. She makes me laugh the most and when I find something to laugh at, she's the one I go to.
And that's not all. She's incredibly relaxed like her so-now so-cool songs in her not-so-now iPod. And the way she dresses shows that too (okay, now I'm sounding like it's an entry for Institution of Style). Cindy has taste for cool things and that's why I get along with her. She's perfectly humble and pretty much the best "Ate" young siblings would ask for. She also loves her boyfriend so much that it's incredibly touching (sometimes you wish you were Arjay). And of course, the trademark Cindy quality is her mysterious, Hugh Jackman-ish ways. If you take up Australian studies in our school, you'd definitely classify Cindy as a bushgirl. She rarely shares deep secrets and she rarely talks about herself among crowds of people---which sometimes makes me doubt her being a Leo. But the moment she does share to you deep things, you know that you're a person worth trusting. Well, she may not have shared every single thing to me but at least I know I am a person others could trust because she's a fine "judge" of good people. I like how she is and I hope she stays the same for life.

Anyway, I only wish her the best. I pray to God she'd stop harrassing me (photo above) for the next months of our collegiate life. And I also pray to God that she'd get over rubbing, tapping, touching and squeezing guys' chests.
She's so cool, most of the time she freezes over like Dante's hell...and that's the coolest. I know she'll be happy tomorrow because of gifts and love from people who matter. So to Cindy Anastacio, I wish you all the best, more wonderful, happy, super cool, so-now years to come. I pray that you'd finally accept the fact that the best thing to do before dinner is....(I am winking now...Trust me it's the only thing to do before expensive dinner)

Happy Birthday CINDS!!! Have great fun tomorrow. And don't---for the love of God---tweet about bad experiences. You know how much we don't like reading people's tweets that are constantly about their trials in life. Stay beautiful inside and out for the rest of your life. Keep drinking water so your skin would stay white and pale forever like a fully made-up Robert Pattinson. Take care of your mom's vintage bracelet, and don't lose it around the Arts Lab. Keep attending our pole dancing sessions during Foundations class, so you could finally have those ten pack abs you've been dreaming of. Finally, I hope you realize that hip-hop ain't so bad yahwhwhwww.

I love you...but I love Arjay most. ;)



  1. I'm so tats. hihihi You're the awesomest G! I wish you all the best! Don't listen to other people's crap okay! Just do "VIBE-Y" things and you're good. HAHA You're my soul sister! He-eeh-eeh-eey! More MAZ-APS to come! I LOVE YOU TO THE HIGHEST! Sorry if I don't share everything hahaha sabi mo nga diba... Love moves in mysterious ways... kaya ako mysterious looking. TARAY!!! I love you talaga hahahah kailan mo ba ako sasagutin? hihi. College is so fun with you! Cant imagine my college life without you. UY CHEEZY. Seriously! No dull moments with you :) Good job with R**** next time magiging V na yan. ;) I'm always here G! :D I'll always pray for you! :)

    love, hugs, kisses and biznatchezzzz,
    Cindy A :)

    PS. Share tayo kay Arjay. Hihi :p

  2. Thanks again G! I'm so super flattered! You're so sweet! :)


  3. happy birthday cindy!! i love yewwwwww very much!!!

  4. Ano ba yan Cinds...Masyado na tayong MAZZY dahil sa mga MAZ-APS natin...I am your soul sister, heeeeeeeyyyyy heeeeeyyyyeeeeyyy Can't Be Tamed.
    awww...No DOLL moments with you too. "I love you" Greek Class style.
    Hay nako, nasabi ko na ang dapat kong sabihin. baka umiyak ako....

    P.S. Ikaw din si VIBE diba...SUMBONG KITA SA ORIGINAL.
    I love you CINDS...I'll always pray for you two. (hahaha)

    BIRTHDAY...BIRTHDAY...BIRTHDAY...You know what I mean. hahaha