Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Salt Bites into...Giordano Concepts

Korean superstars: Shin Min Ah and So Ji-Sub for Giordano's 2014 campaign
Growing up and learning to dress smarter, it dawned on me that it actually takes a lot of deconstructing and returning-to-basics that makes better dressing quite the study. I could only speak for myself, though. When I grew more conscious of the way I look, I took out all the bad and traded my clothes in for the good, Giordano being one of those brands that made its way into my wardrobe and have stylishly taught me lessons about the basics of looking better.

Until this very day, I still go in Giordano, give it a round about and always find myself liking their most basic and essential of items--chic rain-proof jackets that're perfect for Manila weather (which they almost, always seem to have), jeans that always fit well, t-shirts and polo shirts that could go from office to night outs. They just understand the way clothes should be, no non-sense, straight-forward but still a pleasure to wear and a pleasure to look at.

Nicely done Giordano
And this year, Giordano offers more stylish lessons to be learned, by way of its terribly chic new store in Greenhills' handsomer Shoppesville.  Giordano Concepts is stocked with the latest, most stylish basics that you'll need for your always improving wardrobe. The Korean-themed store boasts not only the usual fare of Giordano goods, but also fresh-from-Korea selections such as cotton-blend pique shirts for men. This month they're expecting the second wave of Korean imports and I'm sure they'll be selling off the shelves soon. And what better way to celebrate that than by launching Giordano's super star Korean endorsers So Ji-Sub of What Happened in Bali and Shin Min Ah of My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. These two beautifully carry the brand and its spirit of easy, stylish dressing. This is exactly how dressing should look like: sensible, in ones element, comfortable and at the same time, chic and put-together.

My favorite look of hers

Colors are perfect. Everything on him, please! Thanks

You see that baseball shirt? You know that's meant for me, right?

Giordano also brings to customers BSX, which stands for Beyond Style Exchange. It's an all American fashion inspired brand that caters to a younger, more up-beat batch of shoppers who enjoy trendy items that thankfully, come at attractive price points. And of course for this season, BSX takes its cues from the athleticism that has been winning most of us lately. They appropriately call it the "Playball Campaign". It'll take you back to collegiate sporty days-striped tees, baseball jackets, sweatshirts, you name it, most definitely the sporty basics are here. 

It's actually the color palette of my closet...I just need more khakis, so please...
While there are many added values to Giordano's already strong brand identity, you'll always go back to the fact that what Giordano does and gives its loyal and new customers is an understanding of clothing, the purpose of clothing and the needs of men and women today. What also keeps people interested, aside from the quality and the science behind it, is how Giordano marries all things new in cut, color, material, etc. with the established classics in fashion. It may sound like rocket science, but it's not. If you're the visual kind of person-even if you're not, best for you to visit the Giordano Concepts store and check out for yourself what I mean about Giordano and the basic genius that it's all about.

- Gerard

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