Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just Delivered Jeans

The country's top male models give this campaign its muscle and good-looks.
Gents, all the best jeans under one roof. SM Department Store's 4th year of Just Delivered Jeans

I'm a huge jeans person. Imagining my wardrobe without jeans, is a bit of a nightmare to think about. While I've worn trousers and pants of various cloths before, I always find myself slipping in my jeans. It's the comfort, durability and strength of denim and its effortless style that pulls me back. Among the many pants any man (or woman) could wear and own, I believe jeans should be in heavy rotation simply because they could be dressed up and down and in our time, could take you from closing deals on weekday meetings to opening bottles on weekends with friends. You could live with just three basic jeans (black, slim cut jeans, the classic blue jeans and light-washed jeans) and have your wardrobe build on top of these staples. But who would want to own just three jeans when you could have more stylish options?

On its 4th year of bringing the coolest cuts, styles and brands together under one roof, SM's Just Delivered Jeans gives style-conscious and style starters the best kinds of jeans that'll suit your every look. For someone like me, this is some serious invitation to head out to SM, brave the rain/heat this weekend to grab as much as I could of those jeans. I am eyeing more black, slim cut jeans because, well, obviously you could never have enough of those and maybe a few dark blue pairs to pair with lighter, pastel-colored shirts. All thanks to SM for making shopping a lot more convenient and fun.

Aside from the promise of cool jeans for every kind of guy, it's also the campaign's name "Just Delivered Jeans" that makes it a touch more personal. The name establishes that feel of "we got the perfect pair for you and they just arrived today" that makes it all the more inviting to see for yourself the kinds of jeans you'd love to buy.

So before TOMORROW, 30th of September, make sure to make wise-and stylish, use of your Sunday to visit SM Department Store's Men's Fashion and Boys Teen's Wear sections. Purchases that'll amount to PHP 2,000.00 SM cuts off PHP 200.00 from that. Cool, right? SM Department Store also gives you the chance to win PHP 5,000.00 worth of  SM Men's Fashion Gift Vouchers that you could start building your cool wardrobe with.

If you've seen those demigods on EDSA in just jeans, in the desert, looking all fit and cool in their pairs, that's a lot of Just Delievered Jeans realness, so best to savor the weekend, grab your pair and wear those awesome jeans every, single, stylish day of your life.

Shop now and slip on those jeans, Gents!

(Photos from SM Men's Fashion Facebook Page)


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