Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Phelps by Vuitton

Michael Phelps for Louis Vuitton
from Selectism

True to the business of show (well sort of), Olympians ought to take the "next move" as Selectism best describes and what other way to celebrate and start on that next move than to have a campaign that's as timeless as the ones shot by Annie Leibovitz for Louis Vuitton?

Shaking up the campaign trail and the start on to the next move is our most decorated Olympian, swimmer Michael Phelps. Shot by Leibovitz, Louis Vuitton puts Phelps in a tub in his usual suit with a slouchy, coolly styled Louis Vuitton duffle by his side, giving you that effortless, yet well thought-out look and feel. Pretty interesting how the entire photo leaves that impression on you. It's probably the relevance of today's sports and historic Olympic games and the long-lasting power of Vuitton that makes this an instant "iconic" coming-together of influencers. I like it a lot. Check out the other campaign featuring Phelps and another well-decorated Olympian, looking wonderful in her 70s.

I won't be surprised if Louis Vuitton launches a series of Olympians for their campaigns. Oscar Pistorius and Louis Vuitton would be just as important and beautiful too.


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